Moving #AcademiaOnline

Moving online offers many different opportunities to higher education institutions and academics:

  • to academics to create a professional profile and more supportive (academic) networks, as well as gaining prestige outside institutional hierarchies
  • to university teachers to re-design their seminars and rethink their role as educators in higher education
  • to departments and centres as to transform their educational and communication strategy
  • to universities and research institutions to define visions and manifest their role within the sector
  • to field specialists to rethink the curriculum of an entire discipline

The case studies shared in this book show ways, how this can all be done!

With contributions from Open University UK, London School of Economics, Open University of Catalonia, European University Institute, University of Edinburgh, University of BristolBruegel Think Tank and from a successful academic tweeter.

Tweeting Historians: an Oxymoron?

Aren’t historians those people sitting in dark archives studying dusty sources from a long time ago? How could historians possibly be interested in using Twitter and more importantly, how could a social media tool like Twitter be of any use to the work of academics studying history?